Mustang Car Covers: What You Need to Know

Are you a Mustang car owner looking to protect your vehicle from the elements? You’ve come to the right place!

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Mustang car covers and how they can help keep your car in pristine condition.

Welcome to Mustang Car Covers, where you’ll find everything you need to know about protecting your Mustang from the elements. The iconic appearance of classic Mustangs deserves the best in protection, and with our knowledge and selection of car covers, you’re sure to find exactly what you need.

Here is everything you need to know when it comes to protecting your classic Mustang. We explain the different types of car covers available and what makes them unique, helping you select the one that suits your needs best. We also outline how often car covers should be replaced or maintained, so that your classic ride is always looking its best.

So read on for all the information you need on picking out a perfect car cover.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mustang Car Cover

When searching for a Mustang car cover, there are a few major factors to consider. These aspects will determine the best car cover for you and your vehicle.

Materials: The fabric type of the car cover is important to consider. Different materials offer different levels of protection and fitment. Usually, it comes down to three main categories: polyester, polypropylene, and cotton or cotton-poly blend. Polyester provides maximum protection against water and other outdoor elements; polypropylene is lightweight and breathable; while cotton or a combination of cotton and polyester offers the best dust protection but is less durable when exposed to weather elements.

Fit: Make sure the car cover you choose fits perfectly with your vehicle’s shape and size – especially for Mustangs! Choose a custom car cover if you prefer additional protection from both indoor and outdoor hazards like dirt, dust, UV rays, rainwater, snowfall, etc.

Color: Car covers come in all colors – find one that suits your style! Since Mustang owners tend to be very passionate about their cars, opt for a color that reflects your personality and stands out from the crowd – be it black or red.


When it comes to choosing the right car cover for your Mustang, the material you select is just as important as finding the right fit. The most common materials found on car covers are non-woven polypropylene and polyethylene; both of which offer protection against dust and dirt. Polypropylene offers superior breathability, while polyethylene is more water-resistant.

Thick cotton canvases are sometimes used for classic cars, but they do not provide much protection from rain or hail. For a cover that won’t break the bank and will still do a good job of protecting your Mustang from dust and dirt, a basic non-woven polypropylene one with light UV protection should do the trick. For cars that are stored outdoors for extended periods of time in variable climates, a higher quality water-resistant polyethylene cover should be considered.

Moreover, there are also custom covers available made from specialty fabrics that provide both water resistance and high levels of protection from UV rays. These premium car covers may require more maintenance but can provide effective weather protection for extended periods of time with minimal fading and deterioration due to sun damage or other elements.

Size and Fit

When choosing the right car cover for your Mustang, size should be a top consideration. There are a number of different sized Mustang car covers to choose from, depending on the year and model of your vehicle. It is important to measure your Mustang’s length, width and height when selecting the right car cover size. It is also important to consider any modifications made to the vehicle such as aftermarket parts or spoilers that may affect fit. Many companies offer custom-made car covers specifically designed for Mustangs so you can ensure a perfect fit even if it has been modified.

In addition to size considerations, make sure you consider the fabric and materials used in your custom-fitted Mustangs Car Cover. You want to choose something that is breathable enough to allow both air circulation and water vapors from underneath, as well as providing enough weather resistance outdoors in any climate. The fabric should also be durable enough for protection against scuffs and scratches due to regular use or being stored outdoors in windy conditions or extreme temperatures. Fabrics such as polyester, cotton canvas and acrylic fabrics are good choices for this type of application.

Protection against Elements

Mustang car covers provide protection from all of the elements, including sun, rain, snow, ice, wind and debris. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and polypropylene are commonly used to make Mustang covers because they provide long-lasting protection against UV rays, rain and dirt. These materials are also breathable and lightweight – making them easy to use, store and transport.

Thick layers of polyurethane-coated fibers may be included with certain models to ensure greater water resistance. The fabrics chosen for a Mustang car cover play a significant role in determining its durability; heavier materials like canvas last longer but tend to cost more compared with lightweight options like polyester. Some manufacturers have created waterproof yet breathable fabric that’s perfect for prolonged exposure outside.

Mustang car covers generally come with non-scratch grommets at the base that can easily be secured using nylon ropes or bungee cords (provided by the manufacturer). This helps protect your vehicle from any high winds or flying debris created during inclement weather conditions.

Style and Design

When it comes to purchasing car covers, style and design play important roles. Not only do you have to consider the look of the cover, but also the material used in its construction. Depending on the style of Mustang you own, there are different style options available. Whether you choose canvas, polycarbonate, or vinyl—there are a few guidelines that can help you make an informed decision.

Canvas covers may be a great choice for older models without extended roofs, while polyester/polypropylene covers provide a snug fit that is resistant to mold and mildew build-up. For those who are serious about protecting their Mustangs from sun damage or other external elements, vinyl covers offer excellent water resistivity and heat insulation properties.

Finding the right car cover can be made easier by focusing on several criteria: breathability; fabrication for outdoor use; softness and comfort; shrinkage resistance; fade resistance; UV protection; ruggedness; tear protection; and elasticity for a proper fit. In addition to these features, waterproofing technology is now being incorporated into modern car cover designs – offering superior protection against moisture damage and other forces of nature.

Ease of Use

When it comes to the ease of use for Mustang car covers, it is important to consider how easy it will be to use the cover on a daily basis. There are several factors that go into making this determination.

The first factor is the weight of the material; if the material is too heavy, it can become cumbersome when you are putting it on and taking it off. Additionally, if you have limited physical strength or mobility, heavier covers can pose an issue.

The second factor is whether or not the cover has powerful magnets along its edges and/or sealed seams; these features help keep the cover securely in place and reduce billowing during strong winds.

The last factor to consider when evaluating ease of use is whether or not the cover comes with a storage bag; this feature allows for convenient storage when not in use without having to worry about wrinkle-inducing creases being formed in the fabric.Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Car Cover

Mustang Car Cover Maintenance

Maintaining your Mustang car cover is an important step for keeping it in top-notch condition. Just like with any other investment, protecting and caring for your car cover will guarantee it lasts as long as possible. After some time, dirt and debris can build up on its surfaces that must be removed. In addition to these particles, pollutants and pollutants can also break down the surface of the car cover which may require additional cleaning procedures. Below are some essential maintenance methods to consider:

  1. Spot Cleaning- When needed, spot clean with a mild soap or detergent designed for fabrics and let the area dry naturally or with a clean cloth if needed. Do not machine wash or dry as these processes can damage the fabric of your Mustang car cover.
  2. UV Protection- You should periodically treat your car cover with a UV protective spray when exposed to direct sunlight or store indoors where possible to limit structural damage caused by extreme temperatures, moisture and sun rays. Be sure to follow the instructions specified by the manufacturer before applying a protective spray to the fabric of your Mustang car cover.

iii Rinsing- Regularly rinse off any dirt left behind from wind, rain or other outside elements by hosing it down periodically and allow it to air dry before storing in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight when not in use.

iv Vacuum- For heavier accumulations of dirt and debris on thicker materials like vinyl and canvas covers you may need to lightly vacuum in order keep its exterior free from dirt build up although extreme caution should be taken not to abrade the fabric’s surface during this process as this could cause additional damage over time if applied too roughly or frequently

Cleaning tips and techniques

Caring for the car cover is important for ensuring its longevity and sustainability. Depending on the type of cover you have, there are various cleaning tips and techniques to keep in mind. If your cover is made from fabric or plastic, never use a vacuum cleaner as this can cause punctures in the material. To spot-clean, use a mild detergent and cold water as hot water can damage certain types of fabric material.

Make sure to rinse away all soap bubbles thoroughly and let the cover dry completely outdoors before you fold it away for storage. For covers made with vinyl backing, use non-abrasive materials such as soft cloths or sponges when cleaning any stubborn spots or accumulated dust. Additionally, products designed specifically to clean outdoor canvas covers like 303 Fabric Guard® can be used to protect your car cover against moisture, dirt and sun damage. Finally, regardless of what type of covering you have on your vehicle, store the Cover away from direct sunlight so that ultraviolet light exposure isn’t an issue.

Storage tips and techniques

Storing and maintaining your car cover is key to its longevity and performance. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your cover:

-Make sure you store your car cover in a dry, well-ventilated area away from pet hair, dust, moisture, mold and mildew.

-Avoid folding or creasing the fabric for long periods of time as it may cause it to weaken over time.

-Clean the fabric regularly with a non-abrasive product specially designed for use on car covers.

-Allow ventilation when using a car cover indoors by opening windows or using vents as much as possible. This will help prevent any condensation build up inside your vehicle.

-To prevent UV damage, use a cover that is specifically designed to reflect the sun’s rays and provide extra protection against fading.

-For additional security, use cable locks to lock the cover onto the vehicle or accessorize with an alarm system designed specifically for car covers.

Common mistakes to avoid

Buying a car cover for your Mustang can be a great way to protect it from the elements and enhance its looks. However, there are some common mistakes to avoid when you’re shopping for a cover. Here are the tips you should keep in mind:

1.Know your material – Not all car covers are created equal. The most popular varieties are either lightweight, breathable, synthetic fabric; or heavyweight cotton canvas covers that will protect your Mustang from UV rays, rain, snow and dust. Before purchasing, be sure to read all the details about the material so you know what it can and cannot do.

  1. Get the right size – You want your car cover to perfectly fit your Mustang’s shape and style; otherwise it won’t protect it at all! Measure your vehicle before ordering a custom-fitted cover and make sure that you choose one that is slightly larger than necessary so there is no risk of ripping or tearing when putting it on or taking it off.
  2. Avoid unnecessary features – Many car covers come with additional features like locks, elastic corners and straps for secure attachment — but these features could end up being more trouble (and money) than they’re worth if you don’t need them on a regular basis! Consider buying a standard cover first and then upgrading later if needed.
  3. Compare prices – Car covers come in many different styles, sizes, material types and price points — so take some time to compare what’s available before making a purchase decision. Ask questions about warranties as well so you know exactly what type of protection is offered by each manufacturer before selecting one brand over another.Mustang Car Cover - Ultraguard Plus Indoor/Outdoor Protection 300 Denier -  Water Resistant for 2005-2023 Ford Mustang V6/Ecoboost/GT/Bullitt/Shelby  GT350 (Gray/Black)


When choosing a Mustang car cover, you want something that will provide your car with optimal protection while also keeping up with the style and class of your Mustang. With the variety of car covers on the market today, there is sure to be one that fits perfectly with your budget and needs.

You’ll want to consider materials such as breathable synthetic blends or waterproof canvas fabric, construction features like double-stitched seams or reinforced grommets for securing the cover in place, special features such as locking security systems or secure neck straps for extra wind protection and storage capabilities like built-in pockets or folding design options for easy transport.

Keep these factors in mind when choosing a cover, so that your Mustang will look just as good after storage as it did before!


Is it advisable to use car cover?

Yes, it is advisable to use a car cover as it provides protection to the car’s paint and body from various environmental factors.

What should I look for in a car cover?

When choosing a car cover, you should look for its quality, material, size, and compatibility with your car’s model.

What are the disadvantages of a car cover?

The disadvantages of using a car cover include the possibility of trapping moisture under the cover, scratching the car’s paint, and being time-consuming to put on and take off.

Why don’t people use car covers?

Some people do not use car covers because they do not feel the need for it or find it cumbersome to use.

Is car cover bad in rain?

No, car covers are not bad in the rain if they are made of waterproof materials and properly fitted. However, if the cover is not adequately ventilated, it may trap moisture, leading to mold and mildew.

Can I use a car cover daily?

Yes, you can use a car cover daily if you want to protect your car from the elements, especially if you park it outside.

Do car covers attract thieves?

Car covers may attract thieves if they are not correctly fitted or made of poor-quality materials that make it easy to remove or cut.

What is negative about wrapping car?

Wrapping a car may damage the paint underneath, cause discoloration, or leave adhesive residue when removed. Additionally, it can be costly and time-consuming to wrap a car.

Does using car cover damage paint?

No, using a car cover does not damage the paint if it is of high quality, fits well, and is removed and cleaned regularly.

What are the pros and cons of car covers?

The pros of using a car cover are protection from environmental factors and UV rays, while the cons include the possibility of trapping moisture, causing scratches or damage to paint, and being time-consuming to use.

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